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MV BarnacleMV Barnacle (#231,812) is a custom-built 38' bridge-deck motor sailor built by the Blanchard Boat Company of Seattle in 1932.

Barnacle is from a design originally conceived by William Atkin and modified by Blanchard Boat Company.

Barnacle has remained in Seattle since her launch and is presently owned by Marcus E. Raichle Jr. and Marcus E. Raichle Sr. both of St Louis, Missouri.

Marcus Raichle, Sr.During the summer she is anchored on the south shore of Hood Canal where the Raichles maintain a summer home.

Above: Barnacle at the 2006 Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day parade.

Right: Owner Marcus Raichle, Sr. receives the second place award in the 'Classic Power under 40 feet' division at the 2006 Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day festivities.

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