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History of Barnacle

Circa 1932Barnacle was launched in 1932. The boats colorful design and build history is detailed in the Design & Build section.

Details of the history of the Barnacle through its several owners is presently unclear, until it was purchased by Phil and Deb Riise in 1984. Phil is the owner of Seaview Boatyards. List of owners.

The Barnacle was moored at Seaview East in Ballard, a place that it still calls home. It was during the ownership of Phil Riise that a major restoration of the Barnacle commenced. This continued over nearly 20 years with the Barnacle dry docked inside at Seaview East.

Mt. Ranier in the Background. 2004.Work on the boat was performed by shipwrights, painters, mechanics and electricians when work at the yard was slow. The boat emerged from this lengthy process in superb condition.

Much additional work has been done on the boat under its present ownership including brightwork and the installation of modern electronics, safety and navigation equipment. This has all been done while respecting the original design of the boat.

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